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Disclaimer and Terms&Conditions

1. Accuracy


The content of our website has been drafted with the greatest care and attention.

Despite this, IXE (Les Semaines Sociales de France (“SSF”) and Das Zentralkomitee der deutschen Katholiken (“ZdK”)) cannot guarantee the information's accuracy or completeness.


IXE (SSF and ZdK) assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content.



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This statement applies to all links displayed on our website.



3. Contributions by others


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The respective organisations and authors are solely responsible for their own contributions.


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4. Terms & Conditions for the use of the Forum:


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When using the Forum, you may NOT:

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Any contributions contravening these terms and conditions as well as those containing inappropriate language or comments that are not related to the selected proposal will be removed by the Forum moderator.


The responsibility for all statements, opinions or other contributions submitted as part of the forum remains solely with their respective author.

The Calls on the new MEPs

The “Calls on the new MEPs” do not necessarily represent the position of the IXE group. These Calls are the product of the website project “The Europe Experience” which is based on the following three stages:


1. Interested parties study the major EU policy fields on the website and the challenges that are presented. 


2. They are inspired by the commentaries of theologians on Catholic social teaching on these EU policy fields; and by concrete policy proposals presented by Christian organisations.


3. The website users then have the opportunity to join discussion forums and develop - jointly with other interested parties from all over Europe - concrete proposals to submit to the new MEPs.