Friday 23. October 2020

Caritas Europa

Caritas Europa is the network of 49 Member Organisations, present in 46 European countries. The united strength to voice the needs of people experiencing poverty makes Caritas Europa one of the major social actors in Europe.



Supporting smallholders in sustainable agro-ecological farming


Some 4,000 poor smallholder farmers in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo adopted agro-ecology techniques to improve their food production and food security under community-based initiatives supported by Caritas Austria. Small-scale farmers were encouraged to plant a wider variety of improved seeds and vegetables, to integrate small ruminants and beekeeping and to adopt green composts and organic fertilizers to enhance declining soil fertility. Farmers have increased and diversified their agricultural production leading to better nutrition of the household members.



Promote small-scale agriculture as a key to alleviate hunger


Targeted Institutions:
European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the EU

Access to food is the basic requirement for every human being to live in a dignified way. Caritas Europa therefore calls upon the EU to promote small-scale agriculture practices in developing countries through the thematic programmes of the Development Cooperation Instrument, as a coherent, efficient and long term approach to fight against hunger. Together with that, Caritas Europa suggests the European Union to increase its share of Official Development Assistance to sustainable agriculture to at least 10%.


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