Friday 23. October 2020

Justitia et Pax

Justitia et Pax Europa is the alliance of national Justice and Peace Commissions in Europe, working for the promotion of justice, peace and respect for human dignity. It contributes towards raising awareness of the Catholic social doctrine in European societies. 



Workshop on Conflict Analysis



Our partner in the Republic of South Sudan, Justitia et Pax Tambura-Yambio, showed interest to work on issues related to border and land conflict and strengthening of the security regarding the violence of the Lord’s Resistance Army. In May 2012, Justitia et Pax Netherlands facilitated a workshop in Yambio on Conflict Analysis. This subject was chosen because it is not only linked with Justitia et Pax Tambura-Yambio’s programme planning, but furthermore it was indicated by Justitia et Pax Tambura-Yambio that there was a lack of knowledge on how to analyse conflicts. From there we will start the work on advocacy.



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Revise the European Security Strategy of 2003 and adopt a White Paper


Targeted Institutions:
European Council

In light of recent changes in the nature of the threats and challenges confronting Europe, the out-dated European Security Strategy of 2003 ("Europe has never been so prosperous, so secure nor so free….") should be revised. In addition, a White Paper containing strategic guidance for EU security and defence policy should be adopted.