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Our proposals on EU's External Action:


# Amend the current system of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) to allow the small and fragmented markets to integrate into stronger regional economies before they are opened up to international competition.  Read more


# Review the Commission’s proposal on responsible sourcing of minerals, and, instead of a voluntary scheme, introduce a mandatory supply chain due diligence. Read more


# Through the thematic programmes of the Development Cooperation Instrument, support small-scale agriculture practices in developing countries. Read more


# Revise the European Security Strategy of 2003 and develop a White Paper containing guidance for EU security and defence policy. Read more

Debate with MEPs on #EPAs:



Which Parliamentary Committees are in charge of EU's External Action?

  • Foreign Affairs (AFET)

This Parliamentary Committee is responsible for the EU’s foreign policy, especially EU's relations with international organisations and third countries, monitoring the European Neighbourhood Policy as well as overseeing the European External Action Service.


Chair: David McAllister

Agenda: Next Committee meetings Read more


  • Development (DEVE)

This Parliamentary Committee is responsible for the development policy of the EU, in particular political dialogue with developing countries, distribution of development and humanitarian aid as well as promotion of democratic values in developing countries.


BBCChair: Linda McAvan

Agenda: Next Committee meetings Read more


  • International Trade (INTA)

This Parliamentary Committee is mainly responsible for the implementation and monitoring of EU´s common commercial policy and it´s external economic relations, in particular economic and trade relations with third countries and international organisations.


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Chair: Bernd Lange

Agenda: Next Committee meeting Read more

  • Human Rights (DROI)

With issues concerning human rights, the protection of minorities and the promotion of democratic values worldwide, the AFET Commitee is assisted by this sub-committee.

  •  Security and Defence (SEDE)

With issues concerning the common foreign and security policy and the common security and defence policy, the AFET Commitee is assisted by this sub-committee.



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