Thursday 16. July 2020

The Catholic Workers' Movement (KAB)

The Catholic Workers´ Movement (KAB) organises educational events,

develops new forms of political participation and gets engaged in political campaigns in networks with trade unions, Churches and other civil society organisations.



For better chances for young people


High tuition fees and rental costs as well as lack of student jobs make it very difficult for children coming from families with a low income to complete a university degree; and for children of unemployed parents, almost impossible. Consequently, there is a loss of important knowledge which should be benefitting the economy and society. KAB therefore supports projects that aim at backing young people coming from workers’ and migrants´ families on their education path. KAB encourages its members to get active within these projects as mentors for young people.



Fight against youth unemployment by upholding the Youth Guarantee


Targeted institutions:

European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the EU


KAB calls on the EU to fight against youth unemployment by adopting a coordinated European policy, upholding the so-called Youth Guarantee and ensuring quality initial vocational training for all young people in the EU free of charge.


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