Monday 25. October 2021

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Youth & Family Policies
an investment for the future?


Our proposals on Youth and Family Policies:


# Set a specific sub-target for the reduction of child poverty by 50% within the Europe 2020 target for reducing poverty and social exclusion. Read more


# Monitor the implementation of the Youth Guarantee by the Member States in order to ensure quality standard initial vocational training for all young people in the EU free of charge. Read more


# Ban fixed-term contracts of employment for young people that are without objective justification. Read more


# Take a holistic and broader approach towards adult education in the framework of the Europe 2020 strategy and of the strategic framework  “ET 2020“. Read more

Debate with MEPs on #EUyouth :



Which Parliamentary Committees are in charge of Youth Policies?

  • Culture and Education (CULT)

This Parliamentary Committee is mainly responsible for promoting and protecting the cultural and linguistic diversity within the EU as well as the EU´s education, youth, sports and media policy.


Chair: Silvia Costa

Agenda: Next Committee meetings Read more


  • Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL)

This Parliamentary Committee is mainly responsible for employment and social policies including working conditions, social protection, free movement of workers vocational training as well as safety and anti-discriminatory measures at the workplace.


Chair: Thomas Händel 

Agenda: Next Committee meetings Read more




 Facts on youth unemployment in Europe



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